Lecturers & Jurors

4 insightful lectures

Each lecture will provide you with invaluable insight on island architecture that will help you create your best project.

Final Jury review

At the end of the workshop you will present your work to the jury that will discus and choose a winning groups project.

Architecture Lectures

Bali Review

Island geographic, historic and cultural review, with focus on architectural development.

Life after University

What awaits us all after we finish with our studies? A life story with insightful thoughts for creating your path as an architect.

Passive & Clean

Designing with understandment of the environment and proper material usage review.

Bali Architecture

The development of balinese architecture with an overview of current Bali architectural directions.


Architect and Designer, from SUKYF& Architects


Architect and Designer from PABLO LUNA Studio

Gede Arista Gunawan

Architect and Designer from BALE Design

Hear from the Organizers

On top on hearing from our guest lecturers, you will have a chance to hear the talk from the organizers of the event, Tjaša Plavec and Matic Mohar, Slovenian architects who have founded their our architectural practice in 2019 called Atelier Abroad– AAb.

Tjaša Plavec, Architect

Worked in four different offices in four different parts of the world, including London, UK, Ljubljana, SI, Amsterdam, NL and in Tokyo, JP.

Matic Mohar, Architect

Worked in Christchurch, NZ and founded AtelierAbroad with his partner that gives them an opportunity to contribute to society whilst creating their our own architectural story.